Where can I find/purchase Saxbys?

(Australia) For a list of Saxbys stockists in your local area, please send an email to our customer service team: info@saxbys.com.au

Please provide your location so we can provide your nearest stockists.

Where is the Saxbys Factory located?

7147 The Bucketts Way, Taree South.

What time is it open?

8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Can I purchase Saxbys directly from the factory?

Yes or from Saxbys Drury Distribution Pty Ltd.

Can I order Saxbys online?

Does Saxbys have diet drinks?

Yes, Saxbys Diet Lemonade, Diet Lemon Squash, Diet Lime, Diet Pineapple, Diet Mandarin, Diet Cheery Cheer, Diet Crème Soda, and of course Diet Ginger Beer.

Who can I contact about products?

Are Saxbys Diet Soft Drinks sugar free?

Yes unless they contain fruit juice and there will be a small amount of natural sugars.

Where is the ginger grown for Saxbys Stone Ginger Beer?

Saxbys Stone Ginger Beer is made using Australian ginger. (It tastes best!)

What is the best way to drink Saxbys Soft Drinks?

Poured on ice or icy cold. Or as a mixer.

Can I buy bigger packs of Saxbys Soft Drinks?


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